Use a Vocational Specialist When:

  • Questions arise about a spouse’s ability to obtain the highest level of employment and earning capacity.
  • A spouse refuses to find equivalent employment claiming inability due to various employment barriers.
  • A spouse is employed in a family business or in a volunteer position and there is uncertainty how his/her skills and experience translate into the job market.

Why Choose Practical Solutions?

Practical Solutions provides objective, well-researched and impartial assessments. Our results never depend on who has retained us, but on fair, thorough and unbiased evaluations.

Our Vocational Services

Vocational Profiling

When someone refuses to consider the possibility of entering the workforce, claiming inability due to various employment barriers (lengthy absence, lack of updated skills, age, or psychological barriers), and a vocational profile can be completed to determine the highest level of occupational capacity and imputed income a party can achieve.

Conducted through a client interview utilizing standardized testing or paper evaluation process, the vocational profile will provide evidence about a spouse’s ability to secure employment, a sincere and appropriate effort to search for a position that matches his or her abilities and earnings. The Vocational profile provides workable recommendations to maximize vocational potential which assists the practitioner and the court to determine appropriate maintenance.

Psycho-Vocational Evaluation

Particularly effective when a clients self perception of emotional scarring prevents them from attempting to re-enter the workforce. This assessment adds a psycho-diagnostic component to the vocational evaluation (standardized testing) by evaluating a client’s general personality, cognitive ability, emotional stability and intellectual functioning to better determine whether a client is psychologically fit to work or retrain in any given capacity.

Labour Market Surveys (LMS)

Substantiates recommendations outlined in the Vocational Profile or Psycho-Vocational Evaluation reports by providing data on actual labour market conditions, the existence and availability of employment and skill requirements for more accurate determination of vocational options in a party’s geographical region. Information is obtained through direct contact with employers as well as documented empirical statistical data.

The Evaluation Process

  • Client interview where possible, although, a vocational profile can be conducted without the benefit of a personal interview.
  • Examination prior experiences; all employment, job performance, education, training, volunteer roles, hobbies, interests, family and community responsibilities.
  • Vocational standardized testing.
  • Determine if additional training or education or re-orientation (on the job training) is required and how it can be obtained.
  • Labour market surveys.
  • Preparation of a detailed objective report summarizing the evaluation of that person’s potential including earning capacity. The report will include recommended occupational options, training or educational requirements and career assistance if indicated.